April 14, 2008


15/52 and 16/52

April 1, 2008

Colors of the Sun

Human Impact

‘s gonna be here in a few days. EOS 30d! Can’t wait dudes, i’m counting down the moments! I love how it has the wheel on the back and the top left.

Hm got a little bit more than half the money for the 30d. Now to get the rest because the parentals are procrastinating on getting me that. 

 1. I’m cutting back on the expenses of unnessacary stuff [who needs that cool band calendar I wanted that i have 5 of already, or that keychain that says I love the earth]

2. I’m saving even the small change in a piggy bank.

3. Spend mostly on lunch, some clothes, and cheap camera gear [tripod and lens cleaner fluid]

 4. Split stuff [I’ll split the cost of that photobooth picture, I’ll split that pasta with my best friends]

 I. Want. My. Camera.


March 22, 2008


12/52 + 13/52

March 11, 2008



I’ve heard good things about FIT and Parsons in NYC. The curriculum in FIT Photo Department sounds exciting to me, But Parsons has a better reputation in the Fashion world. Opinions?